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2013 July 31 • Wednesday

Yet another good new CD. Are record sales really going down? My record buying is definitely going up.

I hadn't listened to a live Experience recording in a while. In concert they played the same handful of tunes in much the same way. Maybe it's because I took a break that I'm enjoying this one as much as I am. It's also an audience recording, on the rough side for audio, and this makes it a bit more interesting to my ears. (There's even a tape flip!) And I also like that they open with Earl King's "Come On".

Jimi's playing is pretty awesome throughout and very present, as the rhythm section is low in the mix.

2013 July 29 • Monday

Kazuyoshi Saito's music for Fish Story is the 277th Soundtrack of the Week.

The movie was one of my favorites from 2010. The CD starts out with the titl