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2013 July 22 • Monday

The 276th Soundtrack of the Week is Ombre roventi by Carlo Savina.

The CD is bookended by "Shadow", a groovy shake with organ, trumpet, electric guitar and a rocking rhythm section.

In between there are many wonderful cues, often using percussion and organ to create moods.

Sequence 1 sounds like some of Laurie Johnson's suspense music for The Avengers. Sequence 2 is similar to Bernard Herrmann's love theme from Taxi Driver.

The third sequence is very eerie, for percussion and organ only. The fourth sequence is a very weird shake with crazy wordless vocals.

Other highlights include the sixth sequence, which begins with solo voice but launches into what the label aptly describes as a hippy choir. Sequence 9 has a nice jazz feel with muted trumpet and bass clarinet playing over a relaxed swing beat.

The eleventh sequence is another great shake, once again driven by organ and drums. Sequence 13 is another organ and percussion masterpiece, this time with the addition of some haunting flute lines.

Sequence 14 features some sensitive piano playing with jazzy drums and trumpet accompaniment and also some odd playing from electric bass and some kind of synthesizer.

Lots of cool stuff on this one!