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2013 July 29 • Monday

Kazuyoshi Saito's music for Fish Story is the 277th Soundtrack of the Week.

The movie was one of my favorites from 2010. The CD starts out with the title song, a really awesome rocker that also anchors the movie. For the movie to work, the song has to be great. Mission accomplished!

Then you hear it again but this time with about a minute of silence in the middle of it. This is a version required by the story of the movie and it's amusing to find it included here.

Then there's another upbeat rocker whose Japanese title means, I think, "nothing". This is followed by a sunnier type of pop song called "Summer Days".

Then there are several tracks of underscore, mostly gentle and whimsical, as suits much of the film.

Finally there's a love song called "Yumiko", then a "producer arranged version" of "Nothing"—this is done much more slowly (and is thus about a minute longer) and has more of a pop soul lounge feel.

Then there's another take of "Fish Story" as a bonus track. Great song!