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2016 April 27 • Wednesday

Not only did my dear friend and musical collaborator Chris Cawthray make it to my gig at the Downtown Music Gallery last Sunday—and he lives in Toronto!—he took this great photo of me trying my best to be worthy of the company I'm in: Trevor Dunn on bass and Ellery Eskelin on tenor saxophone.

We hadn't played together in almost ten years and we'd never played as a trio before. I think we'll do it again!

2016 April 25 • Monday

This obscure jazz score that pianist/composer George Gruntz came up with for Mental Cruelty, a Swiss movie from 1960, is the 410th Soundtrack of the Week.

This is a solid jazz album that fits right in with what was happening in music at the time, recalling both post-bop "modern" jazz as well as Miles Davis's "cool" period and some of what was happening on the west coast. There are also a blues, a waltz and assorted other flavors.

Since it's a score, there are several versions of a main theme, different takes, different moods (romance, etc.).

Many of the cues are quite short, which is