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2016 April 20 • Wednesday

Sweden continues to be a source for interesting new music, in particular a strain of dreamy yet adventurous jazz. The latest example is this band Trilobit and their self-titled new record, their second, I believe.

The first thing to note is the instrumentation: harp (Stina Hellberg Agback), guitar (Simon Svärd) and drums (Karl Jansson).

I love the harp all the time, in every context I've heard it, but I have a special fondness for harpists like Dorothy Ashby and Betty Glamann, who worked in jazz, pop and soul music.

The nine tunes here are by turns hypnotic, groovy, folksy and rocking. The guitarist is comfortable with both in the pocket playing and a rougher, more lawless approach in the Marc Ribot vein.

The harp is the main event here, though, and Stina Hellberg Agback is both technically impressive and brilliantly musical.

Drummer Karl Jansson plays with just the right relaxed and intense feel, providing the perfect rhythmic foundation for each piece.

Is this kind of music being made anywhere else in the world or is it only a Swedish thing?