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2024 March 04 • Monday

Happy birthday!

Late winter and late summer are ofen times of laziness around here. And here is my new low: the 820th Soundtrack of the Week is going to be a single because I just don't have the energy for more than that right now.

But don't panic. It's a special single. It's Mike Post's theme from Hill Street Blues b/w "Aaron's Tune". And the single itself is a transparent 45 shaped like a freaking cop car.

I picked this up last week at Dusty Groove in Chicago. As you can see, it features Larry Carlton, who does indeed contribute some impeccable guitar playing.

The theme music seems to be not only immediately recognizable to everyone about my age, but immediately hummable or singable, without even a hint.

At least the opening piano part is. It gets developed in ways I didn't remember, possibly because I never actually watched this show, not even once. This also seems to be the case with people my age.

I kind of want to check it out now, though.

"Aaron's Tune" starts out as a mellow love-theme variation but digs into a backbeat and lets Carlton's compressed and overdriven guitar sound take over.

We need more Mike Post. I'm hoping for a complete music from The Rockford Files someday soon.