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2023 November 22 • Wednesday

Another Matt Berry album! But Simplicity is a little different from what's come before.

This is library music, which makes it soundtrack-adjacent when it isn't actually just soundtrack music. Library music has been having quite a run lately, as more people discover how cool a lot of it was.

Berry knows a lot about it and this isn't just a tribute to library music, this actually is an album of library music on a famous library music label, KPM.

The single, "Top Brass", landed at Gutbrain Headquarters several weeks ago and I liked it okay but had been expecting more.

The more that I was expecting is here on the full album, though!

There are eleven tracks (though two of them are "Top Brass") and they're all really groovy and just very colorful and dynamic.

It's certainly easy to imagine these being dropped into any number of productions. Anything with a party scene!

What I think you should do is buy it here.