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2023 September 22 • Friday

Did you know that I had a Soundcloud page? Yeah, neither did I. I mean, I must have known at some point but I totally forgot about it until I came across it by accident a little while ago.

The only thing on it is an All Region Player recording session from eight years ago. This was at Peter Karl's studio when he was still on Douglass Street. Scott Friedlander took the pictures.

What was I planning to do with these recordings? I don't know. Presumably I wasn't entirely satisfied with how they came out and that almost certainly means that I didn't like my own playing.

Ben and Andy sound great, as always. And, you know, listening to it now, I like what I do on it also. And I don't play like this anymore so I'm glad there's this record of it.

Here's Scott's photo that I'm using for the "cover":

I was especially pleased that our cover of Akira Ifukube's Latitude Zero theme got several positive responses.

Click on the photo to check it out!