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2023 August 21 • Monday

The 792nd Soundtrack of the Week is music for a movie called Nerosubianco by the rock band Freedom.

It starts with "Relation", an interesting and post-Sgt Pepper mix of piano, heavy back beat and horn section, with a lyrics that circle around the concept of "relation".

Hammond organ introduces a strange hybrid of calliope, circus and square dance (thanks to frantically bowed violin) for "We Say No": "You can keep all your laws / But for us we say no".

The organ also starts off "Attraction (Black on Whie/With You)", which starts off very slow but heavy, has a piano break followed by a pounding drum break and, after the singer gets out some "Yeah yeah yeah yeah"s, gets into a kind of jazz/funk blowing section for the organ.

Piano leads the way on the mid-tempo and thoughtful "Childhood Reflection", which has a Beatles-ish ostinato at its center.

"To Be Free" is an acid rock waltz with an impressive electric guitar solo.

Then it's time for straight rock again, with another Hammond-propelled song, "The Truth Is Plain To See", which also features harpsichord!

String section joins the band for the minor key stomp of "The Better Side" followed by acid rock guitar wailing in the heavey "Born Again".

For "Decidedly Man", the tempo picks up again and the harmonic movement of the song goes up and down, adding to the sense of urgency.

Finally there's "Seeing Is Believing", which mixes acid guitar with piano and a spacious, somewhat ominously cloudy atmosphere as the band sounds more reverby and powerful here.