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2023 August 07 • Monday

Jimmy Webb's music for Voices is the 790th Soundtrack of the Week.

It starts with "I Will Always Wait for You (Theme from Voices)", a slow love song in 3/4 sung by Burton Cummings.

"Rosemarie's Theme" starts with what sounds like glockenspiel and harp, giving it a children's song sort of feel. When the strings come in, they add a feeling of romance.

Things get funky with "Disco if You Want To", which has some synth sounds that anticipate the soon to come 1980s and nice alto sax soloing.

After that there's "The Children's Song", performed by Andy and David Williams, a sappy but uplifing song about life's practically limitless possibilities.

A heavy backbeat drives "Family Theme", which lets flutes handle the main melody with orchestral backing.

Then there's Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers doing "Anything That's Rock 'n' Roll", which is fairly self-explanatory. Great song.

Then there's an instrumental version of the main theme, followed by another uplifting Burton Cummings-performed song, a triumphal number called "On a Stage".

"Across the River" is a jazz ballad with the alto sax featured throughout.

Willie Nelson shows up after that for "Bubbles in My Beer", another great song that you've probably heard before.

The album wraps up with the tender cue "Rosemarie and Drew", then "Drunk as a Punk", which is another Burton Cummings song, but this time an aggressive rocker, and finally an instrumental version of "The Children's Song" and reprises of the two main thenes, "I Will Always Wait for You" and "I Will Always Wait for You".