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2023 July 03 • Monday

Fabio Frizzi's score for Un gatto nel cervello (Cat in the Brain is our 785th Soundtrack of the Week.

“Un gatto nel cervella — seq. 1” is a slinky and suspenseful groove that builds in intensity, starting with electric keyboards, electric bass and drums before exploding with a wailing electric guitar solo.

The second sequence has the bass continuing the relentless pulse of the previous cue but this time with synth pads and other instrumental statements added.

“Giro di blues” is like an old New Orleans-style jazz number complete with banjo and mellifluous clarinet playing.

The third sequence is kind of a tense Spartan action funk thing with synth flute and distorted electric guitar. It also builds nicely.

Sequence 4 appears to be a full-blown love theme, synthed up to the max. It has a nice melody.

Things veer into straight-up horror score for the smeary dread of “Un gatto nel cervella — seq. 5”, a textural and monomaniacal cue.

Sequence 6 retains some of the previous track’s dread while also folding in some more romantic elements. The keyboard forms the harmonic shape with big chords driven into the piece like fence posts.

Most of the other sequences revisit the previous territories. There’s also a muscular choral number, “Sequenza coro e orchestra”, like a cue from The Omen on a strict diet.