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2023 May 22 • Monday

We're big fans of Jonny Trunk and Trunk Records here at Gutbrain Headquarters. We probably don't actually buy every single soundtrack they release but it sure feels like we do.

And so the 779th Soundtrack of the Week is their latest release, Steve Jolliffe's score for John Samson's 1975 documentary film Tattoo.

The music is performed by the quartet of Steve Jolliffe on keyboards, flute and saxophone, Geoff Jolliffe on bass guitar, Julian Furniss on guitar and Mick Kirby on drums.

There aren't any names for the tracks. The two sides of the recorare just called Part One and Part Two.

The music is wonderful, though, a mixture of West Coast jazz, psych rock, folk and prog.

It's a real rarity and we probably would have never known anythin about it if it weren't for Mr. Trunk!