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2023 April 24 • Monday

The 775th Soundtrack of the Week is the brilliant Intrada re-recording of Bernard Herrmann's scores for The Man Who Knew Too Much and On Dangerous Ground with William T. Stromberg conducting the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

We already loved the recording of On Dangerous Ground that had already been made available, even though the audio quality suffered from lack of really good source tapes.

So hearing the Stromberg version is tremendously exciting, a brilliant performance with the exact right energy and absolutely gorgeous sonic presentation. You can listen to this over and over.

The same is true for The Man Who Knew Too Much, which we didn't have in any form, and offers several different classic Herrmann moods, many of them stirringly atmospheric or intensely stinging.

There's quite a bit of variety to it and already we're listening to it just a bit more than the other score.

All in all, just superb, couldn't imagine its being better.