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2023 March 03 • Friday

Once again we're eager to tell you about Reuben Radding's new photo zine but this time it's not too late buy it! So you should just go ahead and do that by clicking here! You don't even need to read any further!

But if you are still reading, Bike Kill XVIII is one of Reuben's best. I'm sure it's the most kinetic and there's an especially strong aesthetic cohesiveness to the collection of photos, possibly thanks to bright sunlight creating consistently high contrast.

Bike Kill is apparently a "renegade mutant/tall bike rally" that happens in Red Hook, not far from Gutbrain Headquarters. According to Mr. Radding, he has documented its 18th manifestation. We had never heard of it but the photos blew our minds.

Go ahead and get it if you haven't already!