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2022 December 26 • Monday

'Tis the season: the 758th Soundtrack of the Week is Carl Zittrer's score for Black Christmas.

It's on whatever kind of vinyl this is!

It seems that the original tapes aren't around so what you get on this release is music with sounds from the film: dialogue, sound effects, etc.

The presentation is divided into two side-length tracks, "Silent Night" on Side A and "Evil Night" on Side B.

The A side does indeed begin with a choral performance of "Silent Night" before moving into creepier territory, atmospheric vibes, homicidal mutterings, sounds of wind and heavy breathing, more Christmas songs, etc. Without the Christmas-specific content it would sound a lot like a Halloween record.

The B side starts with an agitated and energetic solo piano track that occupies the border between modern classical and free jazz.

Strings come in with some somber long tones accompanied by chattering voices. Then more sound effects: someone being violently murdered, it would seem. Lots of screaming and sound of things breaking.

Christmas carols come back in too, just so you won't forget what holiday it is.

Probably few people would thank you for throwing this on the turntable while decorating the tree. Over here at Gutbrain Headquarters, playing this record actually cleared the room. Which is not always a bad thing!