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2022 December 02 • Friday

There's no denying how striking this car is. I want one! This is the cover of Car Craft and Kart magazine, March 1962.

It made me think of the Batmobile from the Adam West tv show, but the Forcasta was made by Darryl Starbird while the Batmobile was by George Barris, who has his own column, "Custom Queries", in this magazine.

I've occasionally seen some old movies in which people had record players in their cars, right in the dashboard, much as CD players would be a few decades later.

It was never clear to me how real this was, or how practical.

The practicality of it is likely to remain a mystery for a while longer, but this issue of Car Craft and Kart tells you how to install your own record player in your car.

I don't own a car but those of you who do, get to work!