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2022 October 03 • Monday

It's Shocktober again! And so we're diving into the horror genre all month.

First up is Whit Body's music for Dracula (The Dirty Old Man), our 746th Soundtrack of the Week.

This is a real obscurity and the presentation includes the engineer's intro to the tunes.

It's basically an organ, guitar, bass and drums jamming on different moods and motives. Sometimes there's saxophone, too.

The first piece, "Fast Music Trailer", has the saxophone wailing right away while the guitar, bass and drum create the groove. Then a guitar solo and an organ solo. It's a cool tune, sprightly and funky.

"Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) Theme" is a slow and moody and spacey sort of piece with the organ especially stretching out.

We get uptempo again with what would be called a "shake" on an Italian score: "Peppy Music for a Dating Scene" is probably for some kind of go-go club or bar.

The next piece is mid-tempo and more bluesy, again with the guitar and organ just kind of playing while the rhythm section keeps things moving forward.

More urgency and some quoting—okay, well, just copying—of the Batman tv theme, as well as some other familiar musical ideas are cobbled together for "Chase Music for Girl in a Cave".

The saxophone comes back for "Music Number Five", which almost has a bit of an Ehtopian feel to it. It's another groovy tune and quite long at almost fourteen minutes.

"Three Minutes of Love Music" is actually 3:29 and doesn't sound like any sort of love theme but more like a triumphant, dramatic cue, albeit one played by organ and guitar combo with, perhaps, not a strict agreement about what key they're supposed to be playing in.

"Six Minutes of Music To Make Love By" is closer at 5:57 and does actually sound like romantic kissy-time background music, again featuring the saxophone and lots of soloing from the guitar and, for a change, piano instead of organ.

Finally "Music Number Four" is a long, bluesy, jammy number that takes a while to get into its groove but stays deep in it once it does.