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2022 August 29 • Monday

Kobayashi Asei's music for the samurai television series Sanbiki ga Kiru! is the 741st Soundtrack of the Week!

After some wave sounds, "M-01a" has drums coming pounding in, shakuhachi blasts and strings play the main theme, an adventure-promising soaring melody punctuated by staccato notes from the horns.

"M-08a" takes us to spaghetti western territory with strummed acoustic guitar, percussion, piano and electric bass guitar laying down a strong groove while trumpet wails over it.

Maybe it's a melodica that plays "M-03e"'s mournful melody with lush synth accompaniment.

"M-09a" is an urgent and tense cue with strings and rhythm section driving everything forward while horns play the melody.

The shakuhachi comes back for the lean and exciting "M-09c", probably an action cue with the horns going up and down in volume and flirting with dissonance.

Most of the other cues follow one of these ideas. "M-11a" offers a kind of synth funk lounge while "M-04b" has a sing-songy children’s song feel to it.