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2022 January 24 • Monday

For the 710th Soundtrack of the Week we gave Vasco Vassil Kojucharov's music for Byleth: Il demone dell'incesto a spin.

"Seq. 1" sounds like the main title music, strings playing a romantic melody over a loungey beat.

Things get pretty interesting in "Seq. 2", which combines a very ill-sounding fuzz guitar (MXR Blue Box-ish) with some spare percussion and organ.

Twelve-string acoustic guitar, organ and flute are the main voices on the swaying and loungey "Seq. 3".

Nylon-string guitar and flute play a chamber musicky duet for "Seq. 4" and "Seq. 5" finds the flute working with piano, twelve-string guitar for what might be the main theme, a pretty melody with descending lines and a gentle beat.

"Seq. 6" brings in the whole orchestra for a dramatic mood but then swerves into sick fuzz guitar and hand percussion accompanied by agitated strings.

Then we get a solo organ piece for "Seq. 7", not exactly sounding like church music but could probably be used for that.

After that it's more sick fuzz guitar, hand percussion and agitated strings for "Seq. 8" and then another organ solo piece, more horror than church this time, for "Seq. 9".

Reprises of "Seq. 1" and "Seq. 5" make up "Seq. 10" and then "Seq. 11" uses the orchestra to create a mood of dreadful suspense.

"Seq. 12" starts out with a clarion-like announcement and then swings into what sounds like a love theme, lounge style. It's not a bossa nova but it easily could be.

Then we get a little bit of baroque music to open "Seq. 13" before it recapitulates "Seq. 5".

The next cue, "Seq. 14", has potential as another love theme and uses flute, twelve-string acoustic guitar and organ as main voices, adding regular electric guitar at the end.

Another church-like organ solo that also reprises the previous cue's melody is up next for "Seq. 15" and then "Seq. 16" is a livelier reprise of same.

"Seq. 17" reprises "Seq. 5" and "Seq. 18" is a solo organ freak-out.

The next two cues, "Seq. 19" and "Seq. 20", are changes of pace, eerie, dissonant, atmospheric, somewhat horror movie-ish cues with that sick electric guitar sound and hand percussion along with strings and various other noises.

Then it's time for reprises of the main theme with the full orchestra in "Seq. 21" and "Seq. 22".