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2021 December 20 • Monday

It's the holiday season and we are literally on vacation, relaxing after a few days days of culinary adventures and record and book shopping in San Francisco.

I'll say right up front that these soundtrack reviews are probably rarely interesting and sometimes inexcusably lazy. Which is why I never try to make excuses.

Today will be one of those days. But what is there to say? It's a brilliant re-recording of a lesser known score by the colossus of the genre, my favorite composer, Bernard Herrmann. Huge thanks to Quartet Records who made this happen and have provided so many other fantastic soundtrack releases.

Bernard Herrmann’s music for Endless Night is the 705th Soundtrack of the Week.

It's Herrmann. It sounds like him. The heartbreakingly lyrical ostinati and wide ranging emotions, from whispers to screams. Beautiful writing for harp and startling use of a Moog synthesizer.

It's just great.