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2021 August 09 • Monday

La-La Land Records has just put out an expanded release of one of John Barry's most beloved scores. Somewhere in Time is the 686thSoundtrack of the Week.

It has four main themes that you hear a lot. The "Theme from Somewhere in Time" (no surprise there), a theme first identified as "The Grand Hotel", the slow-burning and atmospheric theme first heard in "June 27th" (with beautiful writing for strings) and, finally, a piece by Rachmaninoff, "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini" (which Bill Murray plays on the piano at the end of Groundhog Day, perhaps a deliberate and fitting reference to Somewhere in Time.

Originally the classical music piece was supposed to be by Mahler, as per the film's source novel, but the Mahler piece wasn't working and the Rachmaninoff theme was Barry's suggestion.

After all the lush, romantic music, it's a bit of a shock when the source music starts up with the somewhat gritty funk jazz instrumental "After Party".

"Car Jazz" is more of a straight-ahead jazz tune featuring alto saxophone.

There are also some alternate takes and also some period songs such as "My Melancholy Baby".