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2021 March 29 • Monday

Big Wave is a documentary from 1984 that's about a few different sports. Surfing is one but also paragliding, skydiving and also BMX, or so five seconds of internet browsing has led me to believe.

The music for this movie, by Tats Yamashita, is our 667th Soundtrack of the Week.

While Yamashita gets sole music credit, the first six songs—which would appear to be the A side of an original vinyl and/or cassette release—also name Alan O'Day as a co-writer.

Since they're all vocal numbers, perhaps O'Day wrote the lyrics. The music is very much in various '80s pop and rock styles. They have nice melodies and lush production. I guess a lot of people would find it cheesy but I like it.

The second half-dozen songs—B side, I guess—is all covers with the exception of a concluding Yamashita song, "I Love You—Part 1". (Part 2 was the last song on the first side.)

The covers, which are done very straight, are all pretty well known songs and mostly from The Beach Boys' catalog: "Girls on the Beach", "Please Let Me Wonder", "Darlin'" and "Guess I'm Dumb".

The other song, very much in the same vein, is Harry Nilsson's "This Could Be the Night".

It's an agreeable record and I wouldn't mind seeing the movie.