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2021 January 01 • Friday

Happy New Year!

We often look back at the year that just ended. Go ahead and do it. We dare you. We found it easier to look a little further back. A lot further. Before freaking World War 1, in fact.

Here's the April 1913 issue of Pearson's Magazine

It's not the oldest such thing that we own, but it's one of the oldest.

Much of the contents looks interesting, even if only in a time capsule sort of way.

But the cover story intrigued us. "Napoleon Prince, Cleverest Rogue" sounds pretty good. Inside you'll find this character starring in a story called "The Second Affair in Balukia", written by May Edginton.

It is apparently the second (at least) story featuring this cleverest rogue and only a mild compulsion to begin at the beginning has so far prevented us from reading it.

A little surfing has led us to a collection of Napoleon Prince stories and we look forward to the full treatment.