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2020 November 30 • Monday

The 650th Soundtrack of the Week is a weird one: music by Ron Geesin and Roger Waters for a documentary film called The Body.

The first track, "Our Song", had me a bit worried, as its just sounds of hands clapping and belches and fart noises and stuff like that, with some random shreds of music here and there.

But much of it is sensitive acoustic guitar and singing stuff which is pretty nice. "Chain of Life", for example, is a good one, as is "Breathe".

"Sea Shell and Stone" is a delicate waltz which incorporates sounds of the beach.

There's also some modern classical type stuff like "Red Stuff Writhe", "Bridge Passage for Three Plastic Teeth" and "March Past of the Embryos".

Strange, sort of avant-rock instrumentals like "A Gentle Breeze Blew Through Life", "Lick Your Partners" and "Mrs. Throat Goes Walking" are also part of it.

"Body Transport" is another composition based on body sounds, as well as breathing and whispering.

And the record is pretty much all that kind of stuff. Quite a variety!