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2020 November 16 • Monday

The 649th Soundtrack of the Week is the music from Tale of the Rat Fink, composed and performed by The Sadies.

While this is a soundtrack to a documentary about Ed "Big Daddy" Roth— a documentary I'd like to see—the listening experience is more in line with some of the best instrumental rock and roll records you've ever heard.

I don't know who The Sadies are and I don't know anything about them, but they've crafted more than two dozen excellent numbers here, ranging from surf to rockabilly to high octane rocking derangement ("The Hi-Jinx", for example).

There's a wide range of feels and intensities as well as sounds—is that a baritone guitar on "The Bottom of the Hill"?

Many of the tunes are less than a minute, a reminder of the virtues of being concise. No meandering. A dense dish served fast.

They can come out blasting or swaying gently. I need to find out more about them!