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2020 November 13 • Friday

Another bowling handbook? Apparently so. And I don't even bowl except for the sake of entertaining children.

Well, I will be better prepared next time. This is Your Bowling Handbook by Joe Wilman, bona fide bowling champion and 1946's "Bowler of the Year".

That's an amusing concept for the cover graphic.

This is closer to a pamphlet and than a book and is strictly nuts and bolts about bowling technique. No discussion of etiquette or peripheral activities here.

One thing I've learned from these bowling books is that I've been holding the ball wrong pretty much every time. At least, as far as I can remember.

Mr. Wilman has this interesting trick for checking your grip.

He's too blunt about lumping together all women bowlers and singling out what he perceives as "female faults" in their game.

He also points a finger at "husky he-man" bowlers who exaggerate their back swing for the sake of making a big noise and showing off, at risk to the pinboys at the back of the lanes (automatic pinsetting machines still being a very new development).

Each page has a yellow vertical illustration like the one above. They're impressive in their clarity and the ease with which they present different perspectives.