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2020 October 21 • Wednesday

You're trudging through the days and sometimes the highpoints are coffee in the morning and falling asleep at night and there should really be more in between but "should" is not a very useful word much of time.

And then, salvation! Chris Moore puts out a new EP and if you'd known that this was going to happen you'd forgot about it by the time it did.

Each of the five songs tells a different story in a different way, with different feels, sounds and grooves.

All instruments were played by Chris Moore snd Gary Langol, with Jeff Lipstein, who also mixed the recordings, playing drums on the first song, "Weak Title".

I could imagine The Melvins covering "Knockin' Around" and in fact I'd like to hear them do it.

My favorite of the five songs has to be "Floats and Rolls".

My highest recommendation is that you buy this record here.