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2020 September 16 • Wednesday

Once you've seen Godmonster of Indian Flats, what else is there?

Not much, but there are still some bizarre and unusual monster movies out there. One of the lowest budget and most Psychotronic of these is surely Blood Freak.

It's about a biker named Herschel.

After helping a woman with car trouble on the highway, he joins her for a party that her wild druggie sister is having.

What kind of party is it? This kind of party:

There's this cool tiger painting in the house.

So Herschel sticks around, falls in love with the sister and gets a job at a turkey farm. They're doing some experiments on the turkeys, I forget what, but for some extra money Herschel agrees to eat the experimental turkeys just to make sure that they're safe to eat. Screw the FDA, I guess.

And after ingesting mutant turkey flesh, Herschel turns into a giant turkey monster and goes around killing people and drinking their blood.

The turkey mask makes it hard to show him drinking blood so it ends up looking more like he's rubbing blood on his beak.

Every once in a while the movie cuts to this guy, who smokes cigarettes, comments on the action and makes sort of general observations about life.

I don't really mind the wall behind him, though it's not very professional looking. I do wish that they'd moved that chair out of the shot, though.

The music by Gil Ward, who was also the editor, is pretty good and the movie could have used more of it. There are several silent scenes that would have played more effectively with additional music.

Too bad it's called Blood Freak. Sure, the monster is definitely a blood freak, but it's a vague title. There would be no way of knowing that this is a movie about a mutant turkey monster from that title and there must be hundreds of movies that could have been called Blood Freak.