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2020 September 04 • Friday

Direct from the heart of the Art Deco age, here's the September 1931 Delineator magazine.

The cover is amazing, that's for sure.

And the content is remarkable as well, with some very reasonable suggestions for talking to children about sex and intriguing short fiction and serialized novels.

This kitchen is pretty stunning.

In the book You Only Live Twice, the head of the Japanese Secret Service tells James Bond that "this Western habit of blowing the nose and carefully wrapping up the result in silk or fine linen and harbouring it in your pocket as if it were something precious" is ridiculous.

"Would you do the same thing with the other excretions of your body?" Tiger Tanaka asks him. Tanaka tells him that when "you wish to blow your nose, perform the act decorously and dispose at once, tidily, of the result".

Many of the ads are striking, exactly as they were meant to be.

There's also a large piece about the new Waldorf Astoria hotel. The old one had been torn down to make way for the Empire State Building, currently under construction.

Prior to looking at this magazine, I hadn't realized there had been an old Waldorf Astoria where the Empire State Building is.