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2020 July 29 • Wednesday

Miracle Mile is a really good and quite unusual movie from the 1980s.

It starts out as a love at first sight story and the two leads are so good and so natural in their roles, and have such good chemistry, that it works.

This is one of a few ways in which Miracle Mile resembles the classic Vincente Minnelli/Judy Garland/Robert Walker movie The Clock.

Both movies are about new love confronting a potential apocalypse, both confine most of the action to a very short period of time and both exploit the characters of their respective cities.

The Clock is a great New York City movie and Miracle Mile is a great Los Angeles movie.

One of the most memorable things about The Clock is the twenty-four hour diner and the various characters who frequent it.

A big chunk of Miracle Mile takes place in the L.A. version of this location, and it has wonderfully diverting and amusing denizens as well.

Among them is one of the most '80s women ever to '80s.

She's actually pretty important to the plot, about which I'm not going to say much, because I didn't know anything about this movie when I saw it and I'm glad about that.

But it's great and has a terrific score by Tangerine Dream.

The camerawork is exquisite too, the movements, the length of shots, the use of light and color…

This movie was a very pleasant surprise.