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2020 July 27 • Monday

We're way overdue for a Tangerine Dream soundtrack here. We apologize for waiting this long but, better late than never, the 632nd Soundtrack of the Week is their music for Miracle Mile.

So, it's actually kind of hard to describe this music. At this time the band was the duo of keyboard players Edgar Froese and Paul Haslinger. (They could handle other instruments, too, but this is a synth score.)

This seems to have been the first movie Tangerine Dream scored after the departure of founding member Christopher Franke. But director/writer Steve DeJarnatt knew that he wanted the Tangerine Dream sound. He'd been listening to their soundtrack to Sorceror while writing the Miracle Mile screenplay and also temp tracked the movie with their music.

The movie starts very sweet and light, gets very crazy and heavy and has a shockingly downbeat ending that in a very strange way, is kind of romantic and hopeful.

The score follows not just the actions on screen but also the emotions of the characters and the transforming nature of the story itself.

It starts out sunny and breezy but soon gets dangerous and tense, going from relaxing synth pads to throbbing electronic pulses.

This two-disc release from Dragon's Domain Records has the complete original film soundtrack, along with ten "music effect" tracks (some very sound effecty, some just low synth drones, some more like score) on the first disc, while the soundtrack album release is on disc two.

The soundtrack album keeps the moods and feels of the score while subtly shaping them into less impressionistic forms.