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2020 March 09 • Monday

The 612th Soundtrack of the Week is Riz Ortolani's music for Si Può Essere Piu’Bastardi Dell’Ispettore Cliff?, which might also be known as Super Bitch.

The main title, “L’intoccabile Mr. Cliff” is like a funk update of Henry Mancini’s Peter Gunn theme with a heavy groove supporting blaring horns and electric guitar embellishments.

Things then get mellow as laidback trumpet playing over a soft and sensual rhythm track provide music for “A Pool for Mama & Tony”, which is followed by the very short and slinky “Secret Meeting in Ba’labakk”.

Also very short is “Sniper’s Action”, a piece for solo hand percussion, possibly bongos.

Then we’re back in funk groove land, with the punchy horns, fuzz guitar and Hammond organ of “Lebanese Rally”.

“International Escort Service” is another soft and gentle trumpet ballad while “Headline / Headshot” briefly reprises the main title. You also hear variations of it in “Telephone Booth”, “London, Easy Going”, “House-Boat-Breakfast”, “Hostage Exchange” and of course the end title.

The same theme is heard again but fleshed out more and with some solo breaks added in “Over & Out”. A short and stripped down cue that’s almost like a bone from the skeleton of the main theme can be heard in “Don’t Drive Wearing Handcuffs”.

In “Love Break” it’s the trombone’s turn to handle a tender late-night romance cue.

“Mama, We Like You So Much” sounds like something actually seen performed in the movie, with strummed acoustic guitar and casual singing.

This is followed by three solo acoustic guitar instrumentals: “Dead in the Gutter”, “Tortured Joann” and “A New Morning”. They all sound influenced by Spanish guitar traditions and are quite nice.