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2019 December 30 • Monday

2019's last Soundtrack of the Week, #602, is Gerald Fried's bewitching music for The Baby.

The main theme has a Morricone-ish feel to it (and is also somewhat reminscent of Schifrin's "The Cincinnati Kid) and Fried makes use there and throughout of high-pitched chiming percussion instruments that suggest a nursery. Perhaps a glockenspiel?

Cello is another featured voice, in tracks such as "Evil Eye" and "Baby Dressed Older", the latter of which becomes a hauntingly lovely and groovy piece that's almost something from the lounge and exotica world.

Dramatic orchestral music is a big part of it as well, first heard in "Hatchet Wielders".

"Night Approach is a wonderful take on the main theme that incorporates jazz instrumentation and ideas along with the cello voice and some ambient and atomospheric percussion.

If the movie is half as interesting as the score, it must be something!