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2019 October 14 • Monday

The 591st Soundtrack of the Week is Richard Band's score for Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype.

Much of it is a reworking of the jaunty main title theme, which suggests that this movie is a horror comedy (as the title also might indicate).

There’s a nice blend of acoustic and electronic instruments with some synthesizer elements that reminded me of old episodes of Doctor Who.

“Madame Puree’s Last Foxtrot” is indeed a light and old-fashioned dance number.

“The First Transformation” is a very effective horror cue and “Coral’s Love Theme” is a wistful and beautiful piece of music for piano with strings.

Another stand out is the dreamy and gently swinging “Hoo Dies” cue, a piece of music that manages to be touching and yet kind of goofy at the same time.