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2019 August 26 • Monday

Archer the animated series is over and I’d probably buy a soundtrack release for it if I came across one. But since I haven’t, the 584th Soundtrack of the Week is Jerry Goldsmith’s music for another TV show called Archer.

Today’s a busy day for me, so suffice it to say that it’s almost all an exploration of one theme, a swinging number that’s in sympathy with Goldsmith’s music for the Flint movies, making use of flute and electric guitar, the latter adding a wah-wah pedal to the tremolo effect.

Synthesizers also make a significant contribution in various tracks. “A Matter of Judgment” is one of the departures from a variation on the main title music and offers a very delicate and restrained use of synth tones to bolster an atmosphere of suspense and tension.

The synthesizers are also used to enhance the rhythmic feel of the main title and other cues, stretching over spaces occupied by bass, rhythm guitar and percussion.