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2019 August 12 • Monday

Mario Nascimbene's score for Estate Violenta is our 582nd Soundtrack of the Week.

It starts with pounding percussion and blaring horns, very dramatic and heavy. Then strings come in with a thick but lyrical melody, also very dramatic and romantic-sounding.

Unsurprisingly, this melody gets played in lots of different ways. A lovely piano and classical guitar version with wonderful string backing is called "Primo Incontro".

There's also "Canzone di Rossana", a devastatingly sultry and smoky late-night jazz piece that uses the main title as a point of departure and is perhaps my favorite track on the CD.

"Tema di Maddalena" is also a lovely piece with a lot of space and an air of mystery, featuring the harpsichord.

"Scena d'Amore" is another nice take on the main theme, with classical guitar again.

There are numerous alternate takes and other arrangements of these cues as well as a selection of dramatic underscore pieces and source music.