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2018 December 26 • Wednesday

Inspired by Jack Womack's survey of UFO-related books and their contexts and creators, I picked up a copy of Fate magazine the other day, while on my way to the smallest room in my house.

This advertisement caught my eye.

What could a Brain Wave Synchronizer be? I suspect it would make a charming addition to any home or office, regardless of its effectiveness. My Roland Space Echo is currently employed as an object of aesthetic value only and it brings me pleasure and comfort in that capacity.

But what would you get in return for sending $195 to the Old Orchard Professional Building in Skokie, Illinois? That's more money than I would spend on a mysterious and dubious whim today but it was a lot more in 1968.

This is a mystery more compelling to me than any involving possible contact with extraterrestial spaceships.