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2018 November 21 • Wednesday

Just in time for Thanksgiving, another 45 rpm comic book from Coin-Op! It's charming and delightful and has just the right amount of social commentary! The title should give you an idea: Karl Marx Bolan (Spaceball Ricochet alt. take).

When Elvis Presley dies, he joins the ghosts of Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent "in a bar underneath heaven". The bartender is Karl Marx, who knows that back on Earth, Marc Bolan is only four weeks away death.

Marx notes that three dead rock and roll stars in his bar all had working class backgrounds and no interest whatsoever in "class struggle". Maybe Marc Bolan, if saved from his early death, could effect massive political change that would benefit the masses!

And so Cochran and Vincent hop in a speed boat and zip up the Styx to the Thames in an effort to find Bolan and launch his political career.

That's all you're going to hear about it from me. Buy it and read it! It won't take long and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Coin-Op is consistently inventive and idiosyncratic as well as being one of the strongest examples of the powers specific to the comics medium.