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2018 November 14 • Wednesday

A few years ago Lucio Menegon (a.k.a. Reverend Screaming Fingers) and I co-wrote music for a preview for a comic book called Argent Starr. It was basically scoring a movie trailer but the movie was a comic book.

We didn't discuss it at all but when we got together we had both written out an idea and picked F# minor as the key. So it was fairly easy for us to join our two pieces, smooth it out, make sure it fit the trailer, and then record the thing at Lucio's studio with Chris Cawthray on drums.

You can hear this, and buy it, along with another piece, "The Outside Groove", that Lucio wrote to go along with, I think, a trailer for an ebook.

Check it out here, and after that go take a look at his latest release, Music For Driving and Film, Vol. III (The Desert Years), also in a groovy, guitar-driven instrumental zone.