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2018 September 03 • Monday

Most horror movies wouldn't work without a lot of help from their music. Psycho and Suspiria are obvious examples and when I recently re-watched The Shining I was struck by how much work the music does in that movie.

Another case in point is The Changeling, whose score, mostly by Ken Wannberg and Rick Wilkins, is our 533rd Soundtrack of the Week.

The movie is okay. Much of it doesn't really make much sense, as is often the case. And the climax lacks suspense since by that point it's been established that the vengeful spirit can just straight-up murder if it wants to, so if our main characters are still alive, it's because the ghost doesn't want them dead.

It is handsomely photographed, though, and the music is a big part of its watchability.

The score veers from melodic and romantic to pure ghost story menace and suspenseful atmosphere.

Howard Blake contributed some music as well, including a theme that begins one of the main character's compositions and also the tune played by a music box belonging to the ghost.