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2018 July 16 • Monday

Michel Colombier's music for Colossus: The Forbin Project is the 526th Soundtrack of the Week.

There's a surprisingly lack of electronic music or computery sounds in this score. The movie is about a rogue AI that takes over the world, so...

Mostly it's a straight-up orchestral dramatic score with a few detours.

There's a soaring and somewhat jaunty main theme that gets several work outs. And the piece "Under Surveillance", starts out as a groovy swinging type of tune, with the electric bass guitar leading the way, before sliding into what sounds like a love theme.

There still have to be musical colors that suggest something weird an Colombier went with African and Asian instruments, which contrast sharply with the traditional orchestral heard most other places.

When things have to get really weird he runs them through tape delays. Mostly we're hearing percussion instruments, and the effect is really good.

There's also a cool 6/4 jazz rock piece called "Schedule for Today" with the piano taking the lead in a Dave Brubeck style before wah-wah guitar comes in.

And "Forbin's Hi-Fi" is like a lounge, bossa sort of thing.

It's an intriguing blend of style and moods for a classic techno-thriller. Makes me want to see the movie again!