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2018 April 30 • Monday

>The big orchestral score is still an important part of many movies. It's impossible to imagine Marvel and DC movies without them, for example. And in some cases deliberate nods to composers and genre are a starting point or guideline, Michael Giacchino being an obvious example.

The 515th Soundtrack of the Week is another example, Eric Neveux's score for Les aventures de Spirou et Fantasio.

What is this? Apparently a recent movie adaptation of a classic French comic book that I never heard of.

The music is fun to listen. While the sonics of it are a little too modern and bright for my ear, the intelligence behind it is very 1960s, drawing inspiration from Lalo Schifrin and John Barry's James Bond music: bongos, overblown flutes, sultry percussion, clavinet, mischievous guitar lines and sinuous lines for wind instruments.

For a 21st-century update of these conventions, it's quite good and even throws in some less conventional elements, some guitar lines and sounds that go in unexpected directions, for example.

It's always active and engaging. I'd like to see the movie.