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2018 March 19 • Monday

A double-feature CD is our 509th Soundtrack of the Week: Carmelo Bernaola's score for Horror Rises from the Tomb and Alfonso Santisteban's music from The Killer Is One of Thirteen.

The dominant voice in the Horror Rises from the Tomb soundtrack is definitely the organ, which creates and sustains moods and melodies often all by itself or with assistance from percussion.

Piano shows up in a few places but this is really an organ and percussion production, and it's impressively varied and atmospheric. Once in a while it settles into some grooves but the feel is generally more textural and lyrical.

With The Killer Is One of Thirteen. we're immediately in Euro lounge mode, as "Con una suave nostalgia" sweeps us away on a velvet carpet of easy-listening tones.

The mood is continued in "En busca del tiempo perdido" but then breaks into something a little more tense and dramatic for "La fuga", which ended up surprising me by turning a corner into disco.

The last of the four tracks from this score is "Supercelestial", a piano jazz number that at first sounds like it wanted to be in 5/4 but couldn't quite manage it, so settled for an uptempo swing thing.