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2018 March 12 • Monday

The 508th Soundtrack of the Week is music from this 1967 German science-fiction movie Perry Rhodan: SOS aus dem Welthall, which is mostly composed by Marcello Giombini and Anton Garcia Abril.

I had never heard of Perry Rhodan, a fact that demonstrates how provincial we can all remain, despite globalization and digital interconnectedness.

Rhodan is the hero of a series of German sci-fi novels. No big deal, you might think. But these novels have been published weekly since 1961!

There are almost three thousand of them and that doesn't count the 850 or so spin-off novels. Sales of Perry Rhodan novels in the world add up to around two billion books. And yet, here in NYC I'd never heard of the guy.

That's been corrected by this CD. It has one theme that gets a few different variations, the best of them being a "shake" treatment with the incomparable Edda dell'Orso contributing her strong and soaring vocals.

Also on here for mysterious reasons is The Clark Sisters performing "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles". Maybe it makes sense in the movie.

The tracks of music alternate with German-language dialogue from the film. I like the one with the computer voice but in general am not a fan of that treatment.

There are also some "related" tracks such as a cover of the theme song from Moonraker.