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2017 December 11 • Monday

As 2017 draws to a close, one of the most important soundtrack releases of the year finds its way to our mailbox. Nobody knew that this existed, not even the composer! The 495th Soundtrack of the Week is David Shire's unused score for Apocalypse Now.

Why wasn't this used in the actual film? I don't know and it isn't clear from the liner notes, which otherwise are in depth report on how the music came to be.

Not only is Shire's rejected music one of the earliest all-electronic scores—he worked with synth pioneers to create an orchestra's worth of new electronics "instruments" and sounds—it's also one of the best.

While the idea was that the music would be cold and soulless, which is why Coppola wanted an all electronic score, the score varies between harsh, brutal, lonely and atonal and lush, moving and melodic.

This isn't really a surprise, considering how great and how versatile Shire is. Of course the music would be great and complex, but it's just incredible, absolutely beautiful and absorbing.

The discovery and release of this score is a major cultural event. La-La Land Records has outdone themselves with this one!