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2017 October 23 • Monday

Tristram Cary's music for Doctor Who: The Daleks is our 488th Soundtrack of the Week.

Some of this music I remember from a picture disc LP of Doctor Who music that I've had since I was twelve years old or so.

Almost all of it is very atmospheric and ambient, produced by the electronic manipulation of recorded sounds.

My brother and I always liked "Dalek Control Room", which is just one pulsing note. I covered it live one time!

The tremendous Doctor Who theme starts the CD but I don't think Cary had anything to do with that. And his music here is much different, very strange, not melodic, more "sonic".

Fans of Raymond Scott's electronic music will find this interesting listening, ona somewhat parallel track.

It pretty much defies description. Eerie, textural, layered, spacious, with great variety and versatility. It hasn't aged at all.