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2017 September 25 • Monday

The 484th Soundtrack of the Week is Pierre Henry's music for Maléfices.

It starts out with a fairly pleasant and normal-sounding main title theme, despite the jacket text that describes it as a musique concrète score for a horror film.

But immediately after that we enter the land of tape manipulation, electronic effects and sonic layers upon layers.

The music builds in intensity as it goes along but isn't afraid of pockets of groove or moments of near lyricism.

The overall effect is so different and unusal sounding that it might be described as deranged if it weren't for the detectable intelligence and deliberate organizing and composing that forms each cue.

You'll hear a dizzying array of sounds shaped into music, airplanes, gun shots, bursts of people speaking, what sounds like African percussion, and all sorts of mysterious elements whose source or original form is unknown.

This is an exhilarating and way ahead of its time record. It still sounds cutting edge and way out in front today, 55 years after it came out. Thanks to Finders Keepers for the re-release!