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2017 August 28 • Monday

Want to listen to something hauntingly beautiful and delicate in the morning while you have your first cup of coffee? I recommend the 480th Soundtrack of the Week, a collection of Hawaiian songs featured in the movie The Descendants.

Since I have a mild George Clooney allergy I'm not sure I can watch the movie. But the music is great.

There's also not much to say about it. Lovely songs, gently hypnotically performed with grace and understated feeling, lots of wonderful guitar playing and evocative vocals.

A few of them are by Gabby Pahuini, who has a special quality and strength.

It's the kind of record that makes me want to chuck everything and move to Hawaii and just play acoustic guitar. I had a similar reaction when I saw Vinicius Catuaria play a solo acoustic set (though of course it was Brazil that I'd be moving to).