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2017 May 03 • Wednesday

Easter Sunday 2017 found me on an airplane for almost the whole day. But here's an image from Easter 1955, the April, 1955, issue of Everywoman's magazine.

The reason I have this magazine, and nine other Everywoman's magazines from that year, is because Walter Tevis's Wikipedia entry asserts that there's a Tevis story in one of them.

My research so far has narrowed it down to either the July or September number of 1955. I have all the others and there's no Walter Tevis in them.

The same entry also claims Tevis has a story in the January, 1959, number of Cosmopolitan. But nope.

It was kind of expensive to find that out since the John D. MacDonald novel makes this a desirable magazine for collectors.

But to go back to Everywoman's, the April, 1955, issue has, tucked inside of it with no mention on the cover, an article about comic books, a response to the excitement generated by Fredric Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent.

It's actually a pretty reasonable editorial, cautious, even conservative, but not scare-mongering or panicking and not at all anti-comic book.

After reading it I had to go look up what "one o' cat" was.