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2017 May 01 • Monday

The 463rd Soundtrack of the Week is Fred Mollin's rock soundtrack to the anomalous David Cronenberg movie Fast Company.

Cronenberg's movies almost always fit into a certain strain of psychological horror or fantasy or, at the very least, exploration, with his most personal efforts considered as a form of "body horror" that for a time seemed to be almost unique to him.

To me it seems that Cronenberg had something very specific he was working toward expressing, and that he finally managed to have said everything he had to say on the subject once he made Videodrome.

Since then he's been almost at loose ends, almost exclusively adapting other people's work instead of writing his own original screenplays and my interest in his activity has decreased.

But back in 1979 he departed from his course to make Fast Company, a fairly ordinary movie about race car drivers, apparently because Cronenberg himself is a racing enthusiast.

I remember seeing the movie on bootleg video back in the '90s and I'm curious to watch it again now that's available on blu-ray.

As far as the soundtrack goes, the music straddles the border between '70s and '80s rock, with tunes like "Disco Fever" sharing space with the much more 1980s'sounding main title song.

"Goin' for the Gold" and "I'm an Outlaw" are both classic country rock, performed by Bat McGrath.

Fred Mollin does a good job using typical rock band instrumentation to produce both big rock songs as well as dramatic underscore. 12-string electric guitar is used effectively, giving a special zing to certain songs.